Monday, March 21, 2011

The First Day of Spring in Cornwallville

It's not the only the first day of spring in Cornwallville, but the first day of spring everywhere, and boy it was a great one. After missing last weekend up at the house and gardens due to some personal commitments I was greeted by the first blooms to lay my eyes on after a long and snowy winter.

The Crocus were popping up, and the ones I planted a few years back in the kitchen landing were blooming like crazy. This variety which is actually a mix called 'Hocus Crocus' never disappoints. I have I.D.'d one of the Crocus with the pale white petals and purple streaks as Crocus 'Pickwick'. I will do a posting on the Crocus here in the near future as there is another variety or two still waiting to bloom. Stay tuned.

I spent the whole day cleaning out beds. Raking, cutting back perennials and planting early spring annuals were the tasks of the day and it was glorious!
To be out again in the gardens felt invigorating and humble at the same time. By 7 p.m. I was still outside working, tired and aching I crawled into the house and fell asleep to awaken to a disappointing spring snow.

Damn! I said to myself. Come-On! I could not believe it. I quickly calmed myself down and took in the situation. I knew that tomorrow would be 45 degrees and the dusting of snow would be long gone. There was so much more to be done but it would just have to wait for another day. The Crocus were still beautiful folded up from the lack of sun and the pansies planted in similar matching tones were perking up through the snow.

Spring is officially here and the time has come for winter to pass as much as Mother Nature sometimes wants to hold onto her seasons. They will always change, season by season, day by day.


  1. andrea in ottawaApril 2, 2011 at 3:42 PM

    The croci and the earth must absorb heat from the stones they sit next to.

    Thank you for your lovely photos and stories.