Monday, February 21, 2011

Arrangement: February

There is not much going on here in the gardens at this point. Dreaming of Daffodils and Crocus is all one can do as well as going through garden books and seed catalogs. But there is one plant who one might think is associated with the holidays is in full glory at the moment.

Yes, an Amaryllis is the plant I am talking about. I plant these "holiday bulbs" every November, though I have learned over time that with the house being much cooler than most what might bloom in late December now blooms in February. So it is in this trial and error we now grow either white varieties or now this new favorite Amaryllis 'Moonlight' a soft warm white flower with a deep green throat.
Perfect for the onset of spring these white colored big beauties light up our home.

If you can find 'Moonlight' I suggest you try this variety. I can vision this plant in many decors and styles. I am definitely going to try to keep this one over for next season. It's a keeper!