Saturday, July 10, 2010

Arrangement: July

I have been creating indoor floral arrangements before I was a gardener. I would go into my mother's garden and snip pachysandra and ivy and put then in vases in my room when I was a child.

As I grew more and more interested in gardening, my floral arranging skills and interest grew as well. I still compose arrangements here at our home and have executed numerous weddings and special events for years now.

So once a month I will feature an arrangement of flowers and other botanical material composed and displayed here at the M.H. Merchant Stone House.

July's arrangement is a deep rich collection of Rudbeckias, Achillea, and Verbascum, all in orange, ochre yellow, and rich browns.
It is almost more appropriate for a September floral, but this is what was blooming and what caught my eye for a July composition.

I hope you enjoy this little monthly look and indoor flower arranging, and I hope it inspires you to go out into your own property and experiment more with this art form.