Sunday, August 15, 2010

Freak Out Plant: Begonia grandis

What can you say about a hardy begonia? It is one of the best returning gifts for a begonia lover as myself, or any shade gardener for that matter.

Huge heart shaped leaves in that typical Begonia shape with the most incredible red veining underneath.

Beautiful pink flowers that dangle above a 20 inch high mounding beauty. It commands attention and breaks up the monotony of the typical hosta shaped leaves and ferns that are so prominent in shade gardens.

I planted Begonia grandis here in the turkey coop shade garden last year, and it performed wonderfully, treating my eyes to those huge heart shaped leaves all season long.

This plant is known only to be a perennial or re-seed to zone 6; therefore, here in my zone 5 garden I treated it as an annual and did not expect its return.

Well, return it did and as an even larger mass then before, lending me to believe it re-seeded. What a surprise - I couldn't be happier. It is an outstanding shade perennial that anyone from zone 9 to 6 (and now zone 5) should try.

You will not be disappointed by this perennial Begonia beauty!

Begonia grandis
Hardy Begonia
z 6-9 (z 5 here in Cornwallville)
Part Shade
20" tall
Moist well-drained soil

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