Monday, April 25, 2011

Pushkinia, A new favorite

What can I say about Pushkinia. I have never seen this early blooming bulb planted anywhere before. But when I saw a few of them at a big box store (of all places) called Lebanon Squill which actually is an heirloom from 1805. I snatched them up and sunk them into the ground last fall. I only planted about 15, but was I disappointed when they bloomed. I should have planted 150!

They are the most amazing sky blue with a delicate periwinkle stripe that goes down each tiny petal. They look like fluffy muscari that blooms much earlier when the crocus do. Even these photos don't do them justice, you will just have to plant them yourself and see. This summer I will be planting many more as they seem to be critter resistant to boot.

Pushkinia scilloides 'libanotica'
Lebanon Squill
Sun to Shade
Well drained rocky soil
4" to 6" tall
Z 4-8

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  1. We planted these for this first time this year. Early flowering bulbs can be difficult in the North of Scotland because of the harsh weather but these have done very well. Spectacular blooms with absolutely zero attention. Highly recommended - best planted in clumps of five or seven bulbs or if you can source a lot just carpet planting