Sunday, September 19, 2010

Freak Out Plant: Datura 'Evening Fragrance'

Well It's September; and the last of our tropicals here in Cornwallville is in bloom. It is Datura 'Evening Fragrance' that is in it's prime, and with summer coming to an end it is a sad reminder of our amazing season that will soon pass.

I found a couple of these Daturas at a local nursery in 4" pots barely sticks, but in full bloom. When I planted them I decided to sink them in containers not knowing of there full potential that they can gain in the ground, until I saw one planted at a mentor's garden.

Plant Datura in the garden, not in pots. My guys stressed from lack of water at times but still produced tons of mind-blowing huge 8" upright evening blooms that unfurl, at dusk and last till the next afternoon.

The fragrance is intense as well as majorly dream like. The details on the flower are incredible; from the sweet "Cupie" doll like curls at the end of the petals to the slight lavender hue edges they give off at twilight.

The blue-green foliage is an added bonus on this beauty but this tropical as sweet as it is; is highly poisonous, so beware if you are a gardener with a family with pets or children.

Datura inoxia 'Evening Fragrance'
Z 11-12
Full Sun
36" to 48" tall and as wide
Moist well drained soil (think tropics)
Propagation from seed

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