Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Freak Out Plant: Iris 'red hawk'

This "Freak Out Plant" post is debuting with Iris germanica 'Red Hawk'. This new series will feature plants that when I see in person, in a nursery or some garden will completely captivate me. When I encounter them I can not control my feelings and basically freak out over its beauty, with some aspect of the plant whether, foliage, bloom, or some other detail.

Basically I must have it and take it home.

So with this, the first of my "Freak Out Plants" it is Iris germanica 'Red Hawk'. I saw this amazing bearded Iris, which I have to admit melted me when I first laid eyes on it at Loomis Creek Nursery.

I was watering the front half of the yard one Friday when I spied this gem in full dark glory. What a great color I thought to myself, burgundy, brown, plum altogether, with a small little golden yellow throat. I had to have it!

It was not till the end of the day and I thought, hey, do I need another bearded Iris? Do even like bearded Iris that much?

I walked to my car and then guilt from my plant obsession took over. I had to have this variety!

So I got him, yes I think its a male and planted him in one of my south island beds.

I am in pure bliss when I stare at his striking bloom! I am sure I made the right decision to get this outstanding Iris.

Iris germanica 'red hawk'
Bearded Iris
Z 3-9
Full Sun
36" tall
Fertile well drained soil that is high in organic matter (though Iris thrive here in Cornwallville's clay Catskill soil).

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  1. Todd, you crack me up. I am reading this post with your voice in my head!! haha.